DoDeca was founded in 2021 by two long-term high-end audio professionals, Davide Oliveri and Santo Pratticò.





Davide was born and lives in Catania, Italy. He started playing the drums at eleven years old. He eventually formed the underground rock band Uzeda which is still going strong. Uzeda enjoyed wide commercial and critical success, so much so that they recorded five albums with Steve Albini, the producer of such bands as Nirvana, The Pixies and P.J. Harvey just to name a few. Steve Albini was really important to Davide’s development as his recording philosophy was always oriented towards an analogue sound, whereas technically, it was inspired by a “classic”, natural recording, with no alterations. The late Conny Plank, the great German prog band Can’s innovative sound engineer, followed a similar technique. Davide absorbed the recording spirit of Conny Plank whilst recording as a drummer and songwriter with Gianna Nannini, the popular Italian singer, from 2001 to 2010. Gianna Nannini recorded at Conny Plank’s excellent studio in Cologne. The concept of natural sound has always inspired Davide and is the basis of his research work in audio. Also, since Davide went to art school, he always wanted to design products, and this, together with his love for music are the main driving forces behind his decision to launch DoAcoustics first, then DoDeca.





Born and raised in Manchester, England, from an Italian family, Santo showed great interest in music, electronics and motoring from an early age. The passion for electronics and music prevailed professionally and Santo has been working in the hi-fi business for almost three decades. He co-founded Audio Analogue in 1995, then worked with Creek Audio and Epos until 2010. In 2011, Santo’s spirit of adventure pushed him to decide to go freelance and try his hand in the Chinese audio electronics business. He cooperated with many well-known brands such as Thorens, AVM, Peachtree Audio, Music Hall, Creek Audio and Epoz, amongst others. In 2018, Santo decided to return to Europe for personal reasons. He worked with Unison Research for one year, then returned to his family home in southern Italy. It was in this period that he met Davide Oliveri once again and, after various pleasant discussions around tables full of delicious Sicilian food, they agreed to embark on this new and exciting adventure: DoDeca.




Music is an essential element of our existence, like air and water. As music lovers, we want to share our Spotify playlists to accompany you in every moment of your day.